The RENT & GO team has selected an electric scooter according to 4 essential criterias: SAFETY, COMFORT, PERFORMANCE, RELIABILITY. Following a long study by us, we decided to elect this model for renting.


The RENT & GO “RG” electric scooter is equiped with a drum brake very similar to what classic bycicles have. To operate it, just pull the handle with your right hand. 

Unlike other electric scooters of this type, with hard rubber wheels, this model has an inflatable front tire. 
This tire grips much better to the road (especially on wet surfaces) than a rubber wheel. It has LED lights on the front
and rear for maximum visibility when using at night.


The electric scooter is equipped with front shock absorbers, in order to absorb as much as possible the defects of the pavement used. The handles have an atypical shape, which perfectly fit the hand of the user. The handlebar is adjustable to adapt its height to the size of the user.


The huge advantage of this model is that the battery has last technology: Lithium Polymer (no memory effect, long life …).

The one that equips our scooter is one of the most powerful of the market: 55 km of range (or 5-6 hours of use in a single charge). The engine has 350 Watts for a maximum speed of 40km / h (can be limited at 25km / h and 15km / h).


Before starting to rent this model, a sample was tested under different conditions, sometimes violent, over a total distance of 1500km to confirm the robustness and reliability of the product. This test was very positive.

Book online now your electric scooter session, and (re) discover Paris in a new and fun way


RENT & GO – (Eiffel – Tower) 101 AVENUE DE LA BOURDONNAIS 75007 PARIS


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