Rent & Go is expanding! Due to growing demand, we are pleased to announce the opening of a new Rent & Go store at a short walk from Eiffel Tower. You can start your tour on the Champ de Mars gardens.

This new rental location now allows users to return their scooters to the shop of their choice for a small fee. The general boom around electric scooters also favored this opening. Rent & Go’s fleet of electric scooters has therefore tripled, bringing it to more than 120 vehicles today.

In order to continue to offer a reliable and satisfying service, a workshop dedicated to repairs, maintenance and overhauls of all our scooters was installed at the same time. Parallel to this opening, Rent & Go starts the sale of its electric scooters “RG” and “SONIC” new and used, in order to offer in a continuous way a fleet of recent equipment.

Come and discover the shop at 101 avenue de la Bourdonnais 75007 PARIS Info and reservations at + (33) 632973311 or on

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